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Bow Wow Stories—–GRANVILLE

Saturday, January 21          10:00 A.M.

Bow Wow Stories is a fun activity for good readers, and struggling readers! Kids read aloud to Gigi, the Reading Dog for about 5 minutes.
Gigi loves stories, and everyone is encouraged to read.

Adult Coloring Club—–HENNEPIN

Wednesday, January 25          5 P.M.

Love coloring books? Enjoy them in the company of friends!
Adults are welcome to come to the library for some relaxing coloring. Adult coloring books are a stress-busting trend that is taking the world by storm! We’ll provide the starter book, and will have colored pencils to share, you just need to show up!

Yoga with Wendy Kenny—–HENNEPIN

Thursday, January 26          5:30 P.M.

Start the new year off right…Exercise!

Wendy Kenny from the Hennepin Park District will present a program on the benefits of practicing Yoga.

This is a free interactive program demonstrating basic poses.

All ages are welcome, dress comfortably, and bring your yoga mat!


Image result for Tai-ChiWednesday, February 1          7 P.M.

Guest Instructor Dan Retoff

T’ai chi is a set of 19 slowly and gently completed movements and one pose which increases the accumulation, circulation and balancing of the life source. The movements are easy to learn and appropriate for people of all ages and physical abilities. Those who regularly practice T’ai chi experience greater energy, awareness and creativity and an improved quality of life.

Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes and  athletic shoes.


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