Granville Memorial Donation Thank You’s

The Granville Library Branch would like to thank those people who so generously donated to the library in the memory of some very special and irreplaceable people.


LINDA BRYANT – MEMORIAL                                                      

Marlene J. Stevenson

Spring Hill Apartments LLC

Bernadette Egan & Family

John B. & Diane Holmbeck

Diane R. Wilson

Lisa & Barry Aber

Angela J. Thompson

Patricia A. Smith

Stevenson Family

Darla Zemanek

Angela Thompson



Pearson’s U-Drive Right

Peter T. Pearson

Bill & Linda Garcia

Lynn & Jennifer Stickel

Robin & Pete Pearson & family

Sheryl K. Morris (for Ron Wink)

Geri Romagnoli (for Ron Wink)


Charlene Sandberg

Nancy Parmenter

Diane Wilson

Linda Garcia

Christ Verda

Karen Verda

Bernadette Egan

Jennifer Stickel

Maxine Bassi

Janelle Harre & Family

Linda Honegger

Kevin Barlow

Carl Murphy

Barbara J. Brusseau

Gary & Judy Blood

Jeffrey & Janelle Harre

Jo Ann Steffens

Judith Fassino

Merry Bassi

Sharon Clausen

Sandra Woest

Mr. & Mrs. James Fassino