Water Quality Seminar — Granville

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Clean Water: Our Greatest Resource
Water Quality Seminar

University of Illinois Extension Office Program
Tuesday, March 13th @ 6:00 P.M.

Duane Friend Extension Educator, Environmental Stewardship and Energy
Learn about stream bank erosion threat to farmland.
In recent years major destruction of property and farmland has washed away.
Join Duane for causes and effects and options to protect property from erosion.

Caroline Wade Illinois Agriculture Program Director for the Nature Conservancy
Discover collaborative partnership efforts focused on increasing the adoption of sustainable
ag practices that can improve water quality and soil health while creating more resilient
agricultural production systems.

Jean McGuire from the Wetland Initiative
Understand how wetlands improve water quality. She will show how propagation techniques
in the wetlands has improved the diversity of animal and plants in the region.

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